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Unlike other language services providers who deal with dozens of languages, our company provides language services only from English/French into Chinese, covering professional translation, voice-overs and localization to meet all your Chinese language needs, whether large or small, technical or creative, business or personal.

If you’re looking for high quality professional English/French to Chinese translation and localisation services to enable you to communicate accurately, just send us your files and our project managers will assess the project’s scope and analyze its content. They then devise a workflow plan and assign a team of specialized linguists. Our professional translators ensure that the document conveys the message of the original, while taking into account any cultural and regional nuances specific to the target audience in question.

We use an entirely human translation process, supported by a stringent quality policy. Using the latest in translation software technology, our workflows are streamlined to translate your texts as quickly and as accurately as possible.

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Document translation from English/French to Chinese

LANGDA is a translation company that has been providing high quality, professional English/French to Chinese translation services for over 12 years to some of the largest international companies in the world.

We can handle any file format including simple file formats like MS Word or Powerpoint, and high-end DTP software formats like AutoCAD, Photoshop, InDesign, Illustrator, CoralDraw, Dreamweaver, PageMaker, Flash, etc.









Chinese Voice Over Services

Mandarin Chinese voice over

We work with Chinese voice over artists

We produce high quality, cost-effective, fast audio production for industrial narration, commercial ads, corporate training, audio books, E-learning, phone on-hold messages/IVR, TV and radio spots or anything that requires a Chinese (Mandarin or Cantonese) voice over talent.

We make the voice-over process seamless and simple for businesses by providing native-speaking voice-over talent, directors and producers, voice supervisors and post-editing specialists to assist with your audio or video recording.

Localization of Softwares, Websites, APPs, Games into Chinese

Chinese customers are more likely to purchase a product or software application localized in Chinese than one that hasn't been localized. They also experience higher satisfaction with localized products, and are more likely to make repeat purchases.

we help companies reach Chinese market with high-quality localized software products or websites that meet the language and functionality requirements of local users in the Chinese market.

We use a wide variety of standard industry localization tools and proprietary tools to increase the efficiency of localization. Testing is then completed by our specialized testing engineers who ensure the functional and language quality of the product before its release.

Localization of softwares and websites in Chinese

Services pricing

Translation Rates

Voice over rates

Localization rates

Our per-word prices vary from 0.10$ to 0.15$ and depend on the delivery deadlines, the technicality of the text and the total volume.

You are kindly requested to send us as much information as possible on the requirements (deadline, format of the documents, and of course, the text to be translated)for your translation project.

Our voice over services involve recording audio with the help of a male or female professional voice artist, who are specialized in the type of recording requested by a client.

Custom auditions are provided for FREE at no charge.

A software or website localization is valued in terms of the characters in the source text (both those visible and those in Title Tags, Meta Tags, Alt Tags etc. for websites), with an additional fixed charge for the testing and the management of the project which is more complicated than text translation.

Payment methods: Bank transfer and Paypal.


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